’Island vs. Empire: Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Ireland in Comparative Perspective’ International Conference


時  間:2014年9月11日至12日(週四至週五)
地  點:中央研究院人文社會科學館北棟3樓第一會議室
語  言:英語


  1. Bryan Fanning/Irish and Taiwanese Nationalisms and Nation-Building
  2. Chih-chieh Tang(湯志傑)/The Tug of War between the Tradition of an Empire and the Reality of an Island Republic: Unexpected Suppression of Chinese Nationalist Discourse by the Chinese Nationalist Party at the Time of Taiwan’s Withdrawal from the United Nations
  3. Diane Urquhart/‘A Crust to Share With You’: Women and Irish Nationalism, 1880-1921
  4. Rwei-ren Wu(吳叡人)/Nation-State Expansion and Early Empire Formation: A Preliminary Comparison of Ireland under the English Rule and Taiwan under the Japanese Rule
  5. Tai-lok Lui(呂大樂)/Drunken MPs, Local Protesters, and Political Changes in a Colonial Setting
  6. Lung-chih Chang(張隆志)/Knowing Taiwan: British and Japanese Explorations in late Nineteenth-century Formosa
  7. A-chin Hsiau(蕭阿勤)/Narrating the Taiwan Island out of the Chinese Empire: The Emergence of Pro-Taiwan Historical Rewriting in the 1970s
  8. Alvin So(蘇耀昌), Julian M. Groves, Bella Zhang/The Growing Intensity of Anti-mainland Sentiments in Hong Kong Over the Past Two Years
  9. Marianne Elliott/When God Took Sides: Religion and Identity in Ireland
  10. Shih Fang-long(施芳瓏)/When God/dess Took Turn: Religion and Identity in Taiwan
  11. Fu-san Huang(黃富三)/The Conflicts and Compromises between Taiwan and the Qing Court in Economic Development
  12. Shih-Shan Tsai(蔡石山)/Taiwan Tenant Union Movement in the Shadows of the Japanese Empire, 1920s-1930s
  13. Paul Donnelly /Institutionalizing Industrial Development: The Cases of Ireland and Taiwan
  14. Jieh-min Wu(吳介民)/The Origins and Transformation of the Growth Coalition in Guangdong: A Taiwan Perspective